This demanding place is nearly impractical to hold in isolation, and it is most frequently utilized included in a semi suspension in bondage.

This demanding place is nearly impractical to hold in isolation, and it is most frequently utilized included in a semi suspension in bondage.

Kneeling Hogtie

This place using a spanking bench or any other furniture so the subject can put by herself into the hogtie that is classic hands behind in strappado, knees and ankles together, in the points of her knees, legs bent to ensure that heels come since close into the rear that you can. This place is normally utilized to discipline especially poorly behaved sluts it needs considerable strength that is mental stay static in the positioning whenever a cane is whistled down seriously to kiss the slavegirl’s ass, moving in between your toes and fingers. Any twitch in the slavegirl’s part risks the cane landing on fingers or feet. This would simply be tried by dominants with exceptional stroke placement. It’s also best for the management of bastinado, although obviously the greater amount of classic kneeling bastinado position provides instead easier aim.

On Knee point

This demanding place is virtually impractical to hold in isolation, and it is most frequently utilized as an element of a semi suspension in bondage. It is also used against a wall surface or product of furniture as shown right right here. The niche must raise by herself through to to the points of her knees, increasing her heels because high as feasible. Unless otherwise directed, she should aim her feet so that you can improve the look associated with creases from the soles of her foot.

Whenever holding the career in isolation such as this with ankles held in the possession of, additionally it is described as kneel up, clasping ankles.

It really is uncommon for an interest in order to help keep her stability in this position separately (such as the first photograph) so be ready for the fact this woman is very expected to lose stability and fall if bought to put on the total amount for very long. Hence sensible to make certain a soft landing, or a product allowing stability become regained. The acronym relates to the invitation that is blatant topic problems in this pose: «Come Fuck Me.» The slavegirl is normally bought to carry this place whenever this woman is being inappropriately intimate, struggling to resist her own arousal during the situation for which she’s got been placed. In cases like this the career is employed to reveal her towards the elements also to basic view, bit withholds any probability of her being able to satisfy by herself, as her arms must stay firmly on her behalf ankles. The choice is by using the career as soon as the slavegirl is pretending to virtue or modesty which she obviously not any longer possesses, having surrendered herself to solution. In this instance the principal intent behind the career is humiliation, one factor that is further improved in addition the career obviously forces her mind on to a floor. This might be further compounded by issuing the order that is supplementary kiss the ground.


Slavegirls must not slouch, specially perhaps maybe not whether they have been provided the privilege of this utilization of a valuable product of furniture upon which to rest her posterior. Slouching whilst sitting is usually to be viewed as an offence requiring discipline that is immediate. Twelve strokes associated with the cane sent to her in submissive bad bitch is the typical punishment in the Restrained beauty training regime; your chosen training regime may mandate an alternate punishment however it is generally speaking accepted that this infraction ought to be penalized sharply, memorably and immediately. Needless to state, the privilege of furniture usage should also be revoked with instant impact or the lesson that is disciplinary be lost. The interest place whenever seated is bolt upright, hands into the relative part, legs towards the tiptoes place.


The lotus place is a classic way of measuring freedom. Some cannot follow it at all (some might have more success with half lotus), some can simply follow it for brief durations and may even need assist with enter into the career or hold it. The core associated with the position is always to spot the foot upon the contrary legs whilst sitting cross legged, as shown. The hands are usually put upon the knees to help make a stable tripod as shown in the 1st photograph.Variants in the place often include changing the arm place. Shown listed below are lotus, arms in prayer therefore the extremely lotus that is challenging reverse prayer.

Half Lotus

This variation of lotus has just one base put on the thigh that is opposite. It really is a dramatically easier place for many individuals to consider, so masters whose slavegirls lack the flexibleness to find yourself in lotus frequently follow half lotus as a aesthetically comparable substitute. Certainly, some choose the somewhat less distorted look of half lotus. Fairly self explanatory: seated with feet crossed. The variation here shows hands behind in package. The topic has selected to put by herself in a analogue of classic damsel, that will be often a starting that is good in making any seated display more appealing.

Intercourse Kitten

A seated position where knees are bent, legs slightly divided frequently by a various amount of flexion in each leg. Feet are pointed, often also tucked in en pointe. Body Weight is normally taken in the hands, enabling a true range seductive variants in the place. The strappado that is stressful of this place listed here is especially strenuous, but not because alluring as a number of the softer variants. This place is one of the most elegant and then the most critical for just about any slavegirl in training to master. Evocative of big screen damsels in stress, additionally it is the cornerstone of the very most typical bondage tie of most fingers together behind the trunk, feet tied together and ankles and knees.

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