Meet Ben Rose: Co-Founder & TOP DOG at Testive

Meet Ben Rose: Co-Founder & TOP DOG at Testive

What are much of your duties as well as responsibilities on Testive?

Really one of the Co-Founders of Testive, and I was also an Ex-CEO. Very own main responsibilities are (1) listening to fathers and mothers, (2) mother or father outreach, and also (3) informing the CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER.

What’s the perfect part regarding working during Testive?

My favorite part is definitely watching people grow and grow more than these people were as soon as they started. I will be really happy because I actually get to notice that directly within the staff, trainees, and parents.

If you’re not working, so what can you like to conduct?

I am a prodigious maker of daughters. (I get at least 3 or more, depending on if you are reading this). My most significant hobby can be coaching runners on overall wellness.

What’s your preferred food?

Preferred food is readily chicken nuggets. I can consume 100 hen nuggets in a sitting. Happily, chicken is a great lean protein. For our holiday break party, my very own co-worker, Alex, got us a shirt which will says ‘I love fowl nuggets. ‘ You know how for all those wearing a thing that you love, men and women give you praise about it? Effectively, I donned the t-shirt on my way house and all 5 different people explained they loved it.

Exactly what is your favorite film and so why?

My favorite picture is 310. It’s the report of a small group of skillfully trained Spartan soldiers couseling for and out-battling 100, 000 attacking meatheads.